About Us

Who We Are

More than food.

At Luso Foods, we understand that food is more than what we put into our mouths. It is who we are and what we stand for. From helping mothers and aunties peel and dice vegetables for the arrival of guests. To keeping an eye on a pot of boiling oil as the plantain bubbled away, we know food and what it represents in terms of memories and culture cannot be put into words. That is why we created a place where you can get the very best of what you love from brands you can trust and grow with.


We promise to work hard to ensure we work with brands that give back to African and Caribbean communities; be it through job opportunities, philanthropy or ownership.


We endeavour to connect you with the very best of African and Caribbean food and drink. We will not stop at great taste and quality. We value your experience and understand your journey with us doesn't end at checkout.


We want to change how we engage with our cultural foods. We want to educate as well as entice more people into trying and enjoying the wide range if dishes that have grown from the diaspora.